“Voces de Social” Panel: Engaging the Hispanic Community

This week, Community Managers across all industries joined forces to celebrate #CMAD – Community Manager Appreciation Day. What is CMAD? Glad you asked, that question was answered here by one of our very own Community Managers at MRY.

As part of this industry-wide celebration, MRY organized and hosted a panel comprised of leading social media influencers and experts that have been successful at targeting the Hispanic audience.

Part of being a Community Manager means you’re speaking on behalf of the brand you represent, as well as speaking clearly to the right audience. Over the recent years, we’ve seen more and more brands jump on the Hispanic Marketing bandwagon by taking on campaigns that target this ever-growing and ever-evolving segment. However, not many brands have been able to achieve this goal effectively. So MRY decided to speak one-on-one with a few key players that have hit this target head on.

We invited the following guests to take part in our panel and drop some knowledge:

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So what exactly did we learn about reaching the Hispanic market?

Is the Hispanic audience really listening?

Si! According to all of our panelists, 80% of their audience are Spanish speaking U.S. residents. The other 20% come from other related Spanish speaking countries in Latin American countries. That’s a huge percentage of Hispanic readers solely based within the U.S. Tip: If your brand hasn’t done so already, exploring this segment is worth it to further amplify your reach and relevancy where applicable.

Content Will ALWAYS Matter

Let’s take Mercedes Sanchez, for example, who is a beauty and lifestyle blogger. The content that is relevant to her audience are articles from personal anecdotes, experiences, product & beauty reviews and so forth. What makes her content unique is that she will always publish posts on her blog and social that she likes personally. Her audience finds relevancy in content that they relate to.

Agreeing with adjusting content to be relatable, Univision Social Media Manager Stephanie Ramirez, emphasized the point that testing and learning is an important step in finding what type of content will work with specific Hispanic audiences. Cosmo for Latinas Associate Editor, Cristina Chavez mentioned that the Hispanic community will be quick to call you out if something seems off. I agree!

Here are a few things to keep in mind when developing content targeted for a Hispanic audience:

  • Keep it relatable – Hispanics come in all shapes, sizes and colors. However, some topics that really hit home are the importance of family and the importance of being successful and feeling accomplished.
  • Content should feel organic and sound natural – Even when there are sponsorships attached to articles or posts.
  • Make sure that you are using the right terminology – “Tacos” for someone in Mexico means a traditional food dish, but for someone in a different Latin country it translates to “high heels”. Just make sure that you have multiple eyes on content that will be published by a native Spanish speaker so that you don’t experience a copy flop.
  • Know your audience and where they come from – This will help you create copy that effectively reaches your readers.
  • What about Spanglish? – It can be used strategically. If your brand publishes only in English, but wants to sprinkle in a little flavor for posts targeted towards the Hispanic audience, it can work sometimes. It would be best to evaluate your overall objectives and then determine what language would perform best for your brand.

Trends in 2014

This past year, there were many brands that took part in targeting the Hispanic audience, especially those partaking in the World Cup festivities. Additionally, there were some general trends that our panelists pointed out.

  • Hitting home with messaging about point of views from generation to generation.
  • Understanding the importance of family and conveying that message.
  • Nostalgia across generations. What Hispanic home has never tuned in to Sabado Gigante? Latinos nationwide, for the most part, grew up with cultural staples that continued to be used and, let’s be honest, this pulled on our heart strings.
  • Video content on social popped up more often and showed more relevant engagement.

Trends in 2015

So what does the year ahead look like for social and Hispanic engagement?

  • When it comes to blogging, more emphasis on personal experiences that may tie in a product or brand. Not making a product the focus and then finding a story to latch it on to. Finding authenticity through life events is where it’s at. So start living it up!
  • Mobile phones are only getting bigger and better. Possibly because we rely on them as one of our most prized possessions. No one can leave home without one, especially the Hispanic audience. If you want to reach a vast Hispanic audience, make sure that whatever you create will be mobile ready.
  • Alliances with up and coming Latina role models will appear more authentic. Let’s steer away from the tried and true. J-Lo, it’s time to give up the spotlight. Females will begin to look towards Latin examples that are more relatable, true to themselves and can honestly influence them in a positive and inspirational manner.
  • Bloggers are key to help you drive your brand message and help you reach an already engaged audience in a more authentic way. So choose wisely and team up with the right blogger who speaks to the audience you are looking to reach.

As we closed our panel, we gratefully said our goodbyes, leaving with a clearer understanding of the current and potential future needs of the Hispanic community.




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