Starting in the year 2010, the internet has taken the time to celebrate those special, talented people who make sure your tweets don’t go unanswered: Community Managers.

Community Manager Appreciation Day, or CMAD, started as a simple way to thank all of the community managers for all their hard work, patience and commitment to improving brand equity through engagement.


Now we’ve landed here on CMAD to celebrate Community Managers and educate the rest of the internet about our role. Yes, we answer your tweets. Yes, we respond to you on Facebook. Yes, we publish content to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Vine, Snapchat, and every other social platform that is on fleek (did I use that right?). We do all of this, while we advocate for both the community and brand.

Each year, agencies and companies host events to bring the day-to-day elements of a community manager’s role to the forefront. From panels to Google hangouts, and even Lunch & Learns with the best and brightest in the business, CMAD provides the perfect opportunity to learn more about community management.

This year, MRY is hosting a panel with pioneers in the social space, specifically focusing on Hispanic marketing. Panelists include:

–        Mercedes Sanchez: style expert, fashion blogger and on-air personality

–        Stephanie Ramirez: expert in community management and digital at Univision

–        Stephanie Jerez: Social Media Manager at Latina Magazine

–        Krystyna Chavez: Associate Editor of Cosmopolitan for Latinas

–        Luis Vasquez: Entertainment Marketer & Co-founder at StrategyHack

We will live-stream tweets from the panel and encourage audience participation using: #MRYCMAD.

Be sure to check out what MRY did last year for CMAD.

Follow #MRYCMAD to keep up with the conversation. We’re sure you’ll like it!



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