Scorsese, DiCaprio, De Niro & Pitt TOGETHER

Topic submitted by David Saliterman

Do you wish A-Listers could rep your brand? For the right price, it can be done. City of Dreams Manila (Philippines) and Studio City Macao (China) paid $70MM (yes, you read that right) to produce a short film/long-form commercial featuring Scorsese, DiCaprio and Pitt to further elevate the glamour and wealth of the gaming world.


Brand sponsored narrative films may be rare because of their price tag, but it’s nothing new. This kind of over-the-top production reminds us that quality content alongside the right partnerships is key.

Win, Fail or Fiasco? Win for A-List actors comfortably replacing athletes in the brand world.

Facebook (But for Work)

Topic submitted by Lisa Goldberg


Sure, you already share inside jokes and puppy videos with your coworkers on your personal Facebook wall, but now the big bad social platform hopes to become the social network of your office for business communication purposes (sorry, puppy lovers).

Inspired by how employees at Facebook use the service, the new
Business Manager tool can now be adopted at your place of business to expand your “work profile.”

Win, Fail or Fiasco? Win for those of us who are already comfortable with the Facebook interface from daily use during our free time. And also another win for Facebook as they continue to take over the universe.

Durex Launches World’s First Dual Screen Ad

Topic submitted by Rui Fang

Durex UK has adopted a cutting-edge dual screen technology allowing consumers to see the advert’s characters from an alternative perspective on their mobile or tablet – basically a reflection of what’s going on behind closed doors through additional content.

When pointed at the TV or computer screen where the advertisement is playing, the Durex Explore app synchronizes automatically to reveal the film’s alternative view on your second screen. The app uses your mobile device’s camera and microphone to detect that the advert is playing and synchronizes the second screen to the exact corresponding point in the video.

Win, Fail or Fiasco? Win for content creators and consumers!

What’s The ROI of Snapchat?

Topic submitted by Evan Watkins

Want to find out if your brand snaps are being opened and adored? Flashopp is a Snapchat measurement dashboard recently launched by Kevin Jonas (yup, the eldest JoBro) offering high-level insight into how well your Snap Stories are performing. The analytics dashboard is the first of its kind and may entice brands to invest in a Snapchat strategy.

Win, Fail or Fiasco? Win for brands and celebrities who want to target a teen audience on this hip social channel.


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