CES 2015 Hits Home

Topic submitted by Alison Pantano

What’s hot at CES this year? Home Connectivity – it’s all the rage! Brands like Apple, Google, and Bosch are debuting sleek new tech to trick out your pad. With tools that track your grocery stock, learn your schedule to heat and cool your home, and control the locks on your doors, it’s only a matter of time before your home is smarter than you. Just kidding…but really.

Why does this matter? Well the connected home is nothing new, but with all kind of apps and products, it’s more attainable than ever for the average consumer. You thought you already had a codependent relationship with your smartphone, but now it’ll be playing a bigger role in your life (and home) than ever before, with Gartner estimating that the average home could remotely connect up to 500 objects.

Win, Fail, or Fiasco? Win – because why not? Greater connectivity within homes means greater opportunities for us to tie in social and digital.

Paid Media: viewability, and why you should care

Topic submitted by Andrew Fingerman

What’s viewability, you ask? We’ve got you. A viewable impression is when an ad is actually viewable to a human when served, partially, entirely, or conditional parameters. Cool?

Google is trying to keep video advertisers honest by measuring and reporting the extent video ads are seen….kinda. They’ll be identifying which ads were at least 50% in view for > 2 seconds. Kind of a big deal. Viewability reporting will be available for any campaign served through DoubleClick, the big G’s adserver.

Win, Fail, or Fiasco? Conservative win. We’re all for Google being more transparent with video views.

Ikea’s First Commercial of 2015 is EPIC

Topic submitted by Josue Jansen

Ikea published a number of pretty solid ads in 2014. Now they’re back with their first spot of 2015 and I’ve have to say…it’s awesome. Who knew storage solutions could give me goosebumps? This spot, is brought to you by the same man who directed John Lewis’ “Monty the Penguin” – no wonder it’s so good.

Win, Fail, Fiasco? Win. This spot shows a product push can be pretty amazing if you infuse some creativity.

Stuart Scott: The Power of Quality Voices

Topic submitted by: Lauren Strupp

On January 4th, longtime ESPN anchor Stuart Scott passed away after a long battle with cancer. There are a lot of sports journalists out there, but Scott was special, infusing his own unique style and contributing to the sports lexicon with amazing catchphrases like “Boo-Yah!”, and, “as cool as the other side of the pillow.” His impact was certainly felt outside the world of sports.

Stuart Scotts passing reminds us of the cultural impact distinct voices have when it comes to the delivery of content. Scott honed his craft, created an identity, stuck to it, and changed the field of sports journalism forever.

For us, we can learn from Stuart Scott. Even in industries that are oversaturated with voices, you can make yourself heard by finding and honing an identity. Be unique and bring your own spice. That’s how brands can succeed in a crowded marketplace.

Win, Fail, or Fiasco? Win – Stuart Scott was a class act and will be greatly missed.


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