Cyber Security in A Connected World

Merchant breaches, the iCloud leak, and malware attacks in recent years have fed consumers’ growing concerns over cyber security. What better stage to bring said issues to light than CES.

Late last year, the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) announced the launch of the Personal Privacy and Cyber Security Marketplaces at CES 2015. Karen Chupka, SVP of International CES and CBS for CEA: “As we all embrace the convenience and ‘always connected’ powerful capabilities of our electronics devices, our privacy and security take on even more importance.”

The introduction of Apple Pay and the iPhone 6 late last year denoted a huge advancement in cyber security with their introduction of tokenization and biometrics (or fingerprint) technology. However, as consumers’ lives become evermore reliant on technology, personal privacy and cyber security concerns will, undoubtedly, continue to grow.

Fitness trackers and other health wearables bring concerns of exploited personal data. Geo-location technology, such as beacons, risk consumer alienation (partially remedied by the requirement of opting in.) And for some tech innovations, concerns over cyber security may inhibit likelihood of device adoption overall.

Exhibitors at this year’s new Marketplaces aim to address these concerns. Ength Degree’s XY beacon tracking tags allow users to track down tagged items if they go missing. Vysk Communications combines hardware and software security to create secure communications (voice, image, text) that are less susceptible to malware. And Silent Pocket creates radio frequency shielding cases and wallets for mobile devices.

Over the next few years, security will become a more integral talking point among marketers and tech innovators. But for 2015, one small step for security, one giant leap for consumers.


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