Looking forward to 2015 – predictions in social media

There are some changes that will happen in social media next year, and as a Community Manager at MRY, I’m offering my predictions for 2015. Let’s get started:

In 2015, we will see brands utilizing different social media platforms to optimize marketing strategies, Pinterest will become even more valuable for e-commerce, and Facebook will continue the quest for world-domination (partially kidding about that last one).

Brands will embrace a mixed social media strategy

It’s an over-talked about topic for a reason. Facebook will become less and less preferred as the main platform for brands due to the minimal reach that organic brand posts receive, and the push for pay-for-play is expensive. Smaller brands just can’t afford to continue throwing the dice in the Zuckerberg casino. Instead, brands with both big and small budgets will spread out their marketing efforts among a few different social media platforms to get the most bang for their buck.

Facebook will go through another growth spurt

In 2015, Facebook will continue to release updates in an effort to blur the line between social media platform, e-commerce, and website hub. For instance, the Facebook search functionality update will potentially give marketing efforts a new opportunity for rediscover by allowing searches of keywords, making it easier to find old posts from friends, and better yet, brand posts. Social SEO, if you will.

Pinterest will be the must-have platform for e-commerce

It’s the Instagram-quandary; brands should share relevant pins that also feel native to the social network platform. Pinterest should not replace websites for purchases, but it can certainly increase traffic and revenue when done properly. The pull of Pinterest is purely visual – Inspiration boards, mood boards, wedding planning, DIY –

Even if your brand isn’t strictly e-commerce, Pinterest can still increase awareness and brand equity. For example, General Electric is killin’ it with their boards. Lightbulbs aren’t the sexiest product, so it can be difficult to get the general public interested in Edison bulbs and wind turbines. But GE saw the opportunity to make their product interesting, hence the Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” inspired

New social platforms will grab the short-attention span of the human population

Conversation around the ad-free platform Ello lasted about as long as a Los Vegas shotgun wedding. Sadly for Ello, it will make one last dying breath and disappear into the void forever.

Apps like Yik Yak will blow up in 2015, because who doesn’t love anonymity on the internet, right? Yik Yak, the digital version of Post Secret and scaled down version of Reddit (or maybe that’s 4Chan?), will take center stage in the beginning of the year, with a ton of traction coming later in the year.

The next phase of data and privacy

Data and privacy. Two buzzwords that everyone and their mother is talking about. It’s not enough to have a lock on your phone, now you have to have fingerprint technology. This world is going to the robots.

However, keeping data under lock and key is an important value for anyone with a smartphone. Take for instance, the leaked photo fiasco from this year. If you are even a slightly mediocre celebrity with somewhat relevancy in today’s culture, people want to see you naked. And hackers are stereotypically giant nerds who will find ways to see that somewhat famous person naked. To combat data thieves, we will see an increase in privacy technology and settings. A rolling increase ever since the existence of online shopping and pay-per-view porn.

What is really in store for us in the future?

2015 is the same year that the Doc and Marty landed in future Hill Valley. If anyone sees a flying Delorean, give me a call.



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