Target updates mobile app, Facebook plans to change algorithm, and more in the weekly Knowledge Share

Target updates app, consumers prepare for Black Friday

Topic submitted by Rhonda Underwood, Presented by Shana Sullo

Not to be outdone by Walmart, Target updated their mobile app to make in-store shopping easier during the holidays and even long after the deals are all gone.

The updates include a helpful Google Map-esque interactive map that actually shows you where things are located, made even more useful for holiday shopping through a specialized Black Friday map for doorbusters and deals. Build a shopping list by scanning items, and pay with ApplePay (no Target account required).

Win, Fail or Fiasco? Win, because you know you want to find that Keurig AND get some sweet new threads without spending all day in stroller-hell.

Facebook updates the Newsfeed algorithm (again)

Facebook announced last Friday that they are once again tweaking the algorithm, and this time it has big implications for brand pages. Once it rolls out in January, it’ll take aim at the reach of overly promotional organic content.

In the announcement, Facebook took aim at organic posts with specific traits:
• Posts that solely push people to buy a product or install an app
• Posts that push people to enter promotions or sweepstakes with no real context
• Posts that reuse the same content from ads




Facebook is pushing the curve even further towards paid social to encourage conversions.

Win, Fail or Fiasco? No matter how you slice it, brands have to roll with the tide and plan accordingly.

Automated response fail on Twitter

Topic submitted by David Saliterman

In the spirit of fan appreciation, New England Patriots sent out a tweet to celebrate reaching 1 million followers, and asked fans to retweet the message in exchange for a custom Patriots photo message. Those who retweeted the original post received a signed photo with their name and handle on it. However, the trolls had to ruin it for everyone.

One of the tweets that were sent out to fans went out to a Twitter handle with a racist hate phrase, which was plastered all over the digital autograph.



New England Patriots went into PR fix-it mode, and after they removed the tweet, they sent out the following message.

Lesson learned: If you are going to use an automated system to generate content, make sure your filtering settings are comprehensive.

Win, Fail or Fiasco? Major @fail

Uber finds itself in another PR crisis

The same week that Uber and Spotify announced a partnership, your favorite bro-tastic car service company found itself in the midst of a PR nightmare.

SVP Emil Michael made unsavory comments at a dinner (attended by an influential crowd, no less), suggesting the company should consider hiring a team of researchers to dig up dirt on critics in the media. He specifically called out editor of PandoDaily, Sarah Lacy, as a potential target for the scheme. You can read her response here.

Quite a few consumers and journalists have already started deleting Uber from their phones, and the hashtags #DeleteUber and #ubergate are making the rounds on Twitter.

Win, Fail or Fiasco? Total fiasco.

The one and only Jason Morton


Win, Fail or Fiasco? Win, because DUH.


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