Walmart App Gets Search-Er-iffic and More in This Week’s Knowledge Share

Walmart App is Gettin’ Real Search-er-riffic

Topic submitted by: Shana Sullo

Walmart updated its Android app (and soon advanced to the iOS app) to improve the in-store experience by prioritizing product search. “Search My Store” uses a combination of real-time online inventory and in-store location to find the products on your shopping list.
No more wandering aisle by aisle to find that elusive tube of toothpaste. Shoppers can now simply use KWs or product names to search inventory resulting in a list of products, pricing, and the precise in-store location where the products can be found.
Did you know millions in sales are lost annually by brick and mortar retailers simply because people can’t find products that are on the shelves? The company said, “Within the first few weeks of launching on Android, more than 99 percent of Walmart stores had been searched by Search my Store.”
The search data Walmart will aggregate from shoppers will also be valuable for indicating product demand by store and region, and can be factored into operational decisions as well as traditional and digital marketing.
Win, Fail or Fiasco?
“Win” for all of us who want to find what we need, when we need it.

Slate Cosmetics Thinks You’re a Star

Topic submitted by: Hilary Miller

Forget sharing germs with strangers from sampling makeup products in-store, and head to SLATE Cosmetics NYC’s online-only shop to get your color cosmetics fix – no alcohol wipes required.
SLATE Cosmetics NYC is a new brand with a digital and social presence without a brick and mortar shopping center. Makeup lovers and beauty bloggers alike can simply upload their favorite selfie to test on which colors bring out their eyes the best.
Win, Fail or Fiasco?
Huge “Win” for social media junkies with a cosmetic addiction.

Google Maps + Uber + OpenTable

Topic submitted by: Meghan Parrish

Coinciding with the upcoming rollout of Android 5.0 Lollipop, Google will be releasing a new version of Google Maps for iOS and Android this week to incorporate Material Design, an underlying framework that allows for a unified experience across multiple devices and platforms.
Users will now be able to make restaurant reservations, while calculating Uber time and price estimates in the Google Maps app. It will also show you the estimated pick-up time and price for your route.
So go ahead and impress your date by picking them up in an Uber to wine and dine at your city restaurant of choice with an OpenTable reservation, all within one easy to use app.
Win, Fail or Fiasco?
“Win” for all those Don Juan’s who need a personal assistant to get sh*t done.

#AlexFromTarget: Kismet or Genius Marketing Ploy

Topic submitted by: Lauren Strupp

Since his picture exploded all over the internet, the cute 16 year old “Alex From Target” has reached nearly 695K followers. Originally, there were conspiracy theories surrounding the photo: some said it was all perpetuated by Target to drum up positive sentiment with teenagers; and, a social media company claimed credit for the virality of the post (a statement they have since retracted). We know now that the original poster of the photo took it to show her friend. And the brass tax? This was simply a teenage girl finding a teenage boy to be adorable. So how did Alex from Target end up on Ellen? That is the power of the internet. You can hope your story, post, product, campaign or client gets this kind of traction. But not everything has the appeal of a cute boy with a Bieber hair-cut.
Win, Fail or Fiasco?
Fiasco. Alex from Target never signed on for this spotlight. Hopefully when it dims he isn’t too burnt.

Win, Fail or Fiasco?

John Lewis May Have Won Christmas

All you Scrooges out there, get ready to have your heart warmed by the joy of the Holiday Season with John Lewis’ “Monty the Penguin” British TV spot. This adorable and heartwarming video broke online Thursday, bringing happiness to those of us who start playing Christmas tunes well before Thanksgiving.
Nothing like watching the magic of Christmas unfold through a child’s eyes to get you in the holiday shopping mood.
Win, Fail or Fiasco?
“Win” for those of us who love the holidays, and for John Lewis, whose commercial had generated over 73,000 shares within four hours of launch.


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