Potty-Mouthed Princesses, Smarty-pants TVs, and more!

The Real Potty-Mouthed Princesses of Gender Inequalities

What do you get when you mix princesses and potty-mouthed language? A viral video not suitable for work (unless you work for a hip agency). The for-profit activist T-shirt company, FCKH8, created a video with girls (ages 6-13) denouncing gender inequality, all while dropping the F-bomb in princess costumes.

The video points out that society focuses on the wrong things when it comes to females, like telling girls how to dress and not to swear. Instead, the video suggests society should be focused on more important issues like rape and wage inequality.

The video has sparked conversation over the brand’s choice to feature young girls using offensive language in order to get the message out. While the video seems to be getting a lot of praise, it has its critics as well. The video obviously has people talking, but is the focal point on gender equalities, or the provocativeness of the video itself.

Win, Lose or Fiasco: WIN. Whether you love or hate the video, you’re still talking about it.

Weighing in at over 12 billion video views… Facebook!

Facebook has entered the ring as a contender for video content. In August 2014, Facebook had roughly billion more desktop video views than YouTube. This was the first time Facebook surpassed the almighty YouTube for video views. The increase on Facebook from 4 billion videos views per month to 12 billion can likely be attributed to the auto-play feature added less than a year ago. Brands are now uploading videos to Facebook natively vs. linking to videos uploaded from YouTube.

What does this mean for the future of the tubes? It’s uncertain how YouTube will swing back, but knowing Google, you know they’re not going to stay on the ropes for long. Stay tuned for more action in Round 2.

Win, Lose or Fiasco: WIN. I love a good fight.

Your Smart TV is about to get a whole lot smarter

Introducing Samba TV! As soon as your Smart TV is hooked to your home’s WIFI, Samba’s technology begins to read the pixels on your TV in order to decipher what program you’re watching. Samba TV has partnered with almost all Smart TV’s (they’re embedded) in addition to Roku devices. Plus, we hear there’s no way to opt out of advertising if you buy a device with it.

How can this new technology help advertisers? Well, now consumers can get hit with a digital ad on their 2nd and 3rd screens (cell, tablet, and computer) at the exact same time they see the ad on TV. Yep, it’s kind of a big deal, especially since Nielsen projected by 2015, 43.2% of the US pop will own a Smart TV, and over 50% by 2017.

Just when you thought Smart TVs couldn’t get any smarter. Smh.

Win, Lose or Fiasco: WIN, but the thought of the TV Gods knowing the extent of my Real Housewives obsession frightens me.

Tips for brands using Pinterest

MRY Community Manager Extraordinaire, Krista Bedosky, attended a webinar this week on marketing techniques for Pinterest. Here’s 3 simple rules to follow (and perhaps pin!):

  1. Always remember, Pinterest should be used for inspiration and discovery (Side note: this is how I found my new duvet cover).
  2. Ditch the product shots when it comes to home products because they tend to perform better when placed in a setting vs. standalone.
  3. Saturday is great for Pinterest activity, but consider what works best for your specific audience.

Check out my personal fav yogurt, Chobani, if you want to see an example of a successful brand on Pinterest. They bring value to consumers by showing how the product fits into everyday life. Bon appetite and happy pinning!

Win, Lose or Fiasco: WIN. Learning best practices for platforms will help make you a better marketer.

Get paid for engagements on new social media platform, Tsu (not to be confused with Tennessee State University)

On October 21, the new social media platform Tsu launched. Their shtick? They promise to give a percentage of their revenue back to you. That’s right, YOU!

Tsu plans to share 90% of its profits back to their users based upon how many organic views a post gets over period of time. The more views and engagement your content gets, the more compensation you receive. Also, it’s a free platform to join. Pretty sweet deal, right?

Currently the platform is invite-only or by another member’s referral code. Be on the lookout for one of your friends to try to sell you on the platform so you can both reap from its’ sweet cash benefits.

Win, Lose or Fiasco: WIN. How awesome would it be to pay for your apartment rent with the money you made on your social posts?! Pretty freakin’ awesome.


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