Twitter Music, BLAH Airlines, and HBO

Never Too Old for Facebook . . . Or Are You?

Is Facebook ageist? Well according to 114 year old Anna Stoer, the answer could be yes. Stoer is no stranger to technology after befriending a salesman at a wireless store last summer, this tech-savvy grandma now owns an iPhone, iPad, and even managed to video chat with her friends. But one thing had always alluded her, a Facebook account. That is until now, but wait, there was a problem: the year Stoer was born, 1900, was not a birth year option. But like anyone who has been a victim of ageism can attest to, Stoer simply shaved a few years off her age in order to get access to the platform. Now Stoer has 31 friends and over 200 shares on her first post, a photo of her 114 birthday party.

So what does this mean for the industry at large? It’s proof that demographics on social media are changing, and when demographics change, strategies need to change as well. Facebook also needs to realize that seniors are joining their social network and they need to remove barriers to them joining and participating.

Win, Lose or Fiasco: Win, for outsmarting the system at 114.

One Ticket on BLAH Airlines Please

When Virgin America wanted a way to differentiate their airline from their competitors, what better way to do it than to create a fake airline that epitomizes what it’s like is to have a terrible airline experience? Virgin America, along with their partner agency created a full-fledged campaign that not only touched social, but stretched out to a website, and even a customer service number (1844-BLAH-AIR), reaching all points of the consumer experience. Oh, did I happen to mention that they also simulated a cross country flight from Newark (EWR) to San Francisco (SFO) with a nearly 6 hour YouTube video?

This campaign is going to force agencies and brands to think outside the box when it comes to getting your message out to audiences and getting people talking about your advertising and brands.

Win, Lose or Fiasco: WIN, mainly for getting people to watch a 6 hour YouTube video.

HBO Go. . .es Digital Along with CBS

Is it true? Have the gods heard our prayers? It is true! HBO will offer a stand-alone streaming service starting in 2015. It also looks like CBS is getting in on the action too by offering a service called CBS All Access. Both companies realize that the way people are consuming media is changing, and they don’t want to get left behind. HBO’s decision will hopefully reduce pirating of their content (Game of Thrones is the most pirated show on the internet), as well as reducing password sharing . . . also increasing their revenue.

With more people foregoing traditional cable service and instead only paying for internet and various streaming services including Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, and Netflix, advertisers will have to shift their tactics to reach audiences where they’re now consuming media.

Win, Lose or Fiasco: WIN, for Lena Dunham to have another channel to distribute her content on.

Twitter Does Music (Again)

Twitter has tried to integrate music into their experience before, but it seems they may have finally found the right fit. The solution? Treating music as a content type in users feeds, akin to photos and video, with their new Audio Card on iOS and Android. The new Audio Card allows people to play a song from iTunes or SoundCloud, then dock the music player so they can still browse their timelines without having an interrupted listening experience.

This new feature will allow recording artists to promote their new music within their fans timelines, but will also allow brands to share audio advertising and podcasts. Currently this new feature only works with iTunes (their preview function only) and SoundCloud, but hopefully more music services will be supported in the future, providing a more robust Twitter experience on mobile.

Win, Lose or Fiasco: WIN (is there a trend in our wins?)

Snapchat Ads Are Here

While we already wrote about Snapchat ads (here), Snapchat just announced that their first ads will roll out on October 18. Snapchat didn’t disclose which brands were participating, but they did say that the ads will be featured in the recent updates tab of the app, and will be available for 24 hours before vanishing. So get ready for your Snapchat experience to not change, unless of course you’re curious to see what these mystical ads look like.

Win, Lose or Fiasco: Lose, cause without targeting, what’s the point?


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