A Pretty ‘Fetch’ Weekly Knowledge Share

Atlas Returns!

Topic submitted by Andrew Fingerman

Step aside cookie, while you definitely taste delicious, you aren’t that awesome at tracking people across mobile and the web. Often, purchases start on one device and move to another screen. Cookies can’t capture this, and as a result, marketers aren’t always sure where to put their ad dollars. To solve the problem, Facebook acquired Atlas from Microsoft in 2013 and recently re-launched it with enhanced tracking and measurement capabilities.

Atlas now contains all of Facebook’s data on its 1.3 billion global users and can target these people through a wide range of demand-side platforms to serve appropriate ads. This is pretty powerful for marketers because not only can they understand how to allocate budgets across mobile and the web, but brands can target audiences on an individual level while still protecting their anonymity.


Win, Fail or Fiasco? Gotta’ give this one a big WIN because now we can better understand and analyze customer journeys.

Shopping: A League of its Own

Topic submitted by Krista Bedosky

Who said shopping isn’t a sport? Not BattleShop! Say hello to the first online Fashion Shopping League, just in time to coincide with Fantasy Football. Using weekly themed Fashion Rosters, real clothes and a virtual budget users can participate in social and competitive “fantasy shopping.” The goal is for users to create covetable closets and reel in votes to win gift cards.


(Thanks for testing this out and making a rockin’ closet, Krista!)

Gamification of online shopping provides interesting opportunities for marketers. The site links to actual products providing points of sale. With all of the ‘click-to-buy’ buzz on social, sites like Pinterest could utilize gamification of boards to curate contests and generate product sales.

Win, Fail or Fiasco? New shoes are always a win.

Football Fans Favor Facebook

Topic submitted by Liane Comanto

Woah! That’s a mouthful. Are we really surprised though? A recent survey by RadiumOne found that 91% of self-identified NFL fans check their phones on game day. Though it’s not exactly shocking that the second screen experience applies to football fans, what’s surprising is the platform of choice – Facebook. The survey found that 51% of fans check Facebook throughout a game, while only 8% scrolled through their Twitter feeds (I’m curious what the age demographics were for this survey).

Mobile really is a touchdown with 51% of NFL fans admitting to checking their phone between 5 and 15 times for relevant game info and 77% using NFL apps for scores and stats. For brands looking to engage in conversations and target NFL fans it’s important to understand their mobile habits. While texting still reigns supreme for game time smack, 41% of fans use their phones primarily to check social media. As marketers work to capture these audiences, an understanding of platform preferences provides interesting implications for social strategy.

Win, Fail or Fiasco? Depends how you play the mobile game.

Snap That Moneymaker

Topic submitted by Natalie Marsan, thanks for sharing Nat!

Don’t blink or you’ll miss it! Get ready to start seeing ads on Snapchat pretty soon. Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snapchat, explained that ads will appear as part of “Snapchat Stories,” which will live for 24 hours on the platform. They are not targeted ads and they will not be “fancy.”


Spiegel claimed that the ads will be opt-in and that they will not interrupt user communications. Since the video aspect of Stories seems to be primed for ads, it will be interesting to see how brands create Snap-tailored advertising to generate engagement.

Win, Fail or Fiasco? Jury’s still out on this one, but I have a feeling it will be a win, so long as the user experience does not change.


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