A way for you to go to space… and so much more in this week’s Knowledge Share

LinkedIn and SlideShare for the New iOS

Topic submitted by Josue Jansen

LinkedIn rolled out an iPhone version of SlideShare, the presentation-sharing platform they acquired back in 2012, which creates a personalized feed of presentations, documents and infographics based on the “what’s trending” among those in your network.

With LinkedIn’s current mobile push, it is important to keep this channel in mind when considering where to launch various pieces of content. Not all content is right for all channels. It’s worth considering to leverage these new mobile capabilities to push brand content that is not necessarily consumer friendly, because it can still position the brand as a thought-leader in the industry.

Win, Fail or Fiasco? Too soon to tell. Likely a Win if LinkedIn does reach their “mobile moment” (where more than half of their traffic comes from mobile) later this year as they predict.

A Moment Like… ThisMoment

Topic submitted by Evan Watkins

What’s that? Another tool you say? Always on the hunt for the best of the best, the tool of the moment is… ThisMoment, a CMS tool that aggregates user generated content from various platforms and allows you to share that content on your website or microsite. Ahead of the game, they currently collect information from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Vine, and YouTube.


Cool beans, right? Well, even better because there is an e-commerce element that allows brands to create a unique experience showcasing and integrating fans of products and brands into the user experience.

Win, Fail or Fiasco? Definite Win.

There’s some Firechatting going on in Hong Kong

Topic submitted by Meghan Parrish

Never underestimate the power of communication.Protesters in Hong Kong have begun using FireChat as a means to communicate with others as they fear the government will soon shut down local cell networks.

But what is Firechat? It’s a communications tool that doesn’t require 4G to operate and therefore can be used over Wi-Fi. The coolest part is that it runs via a repeating Wi-Fi connection, meaning each device piggybacks on the next one using the stronger Wi-Fi connection. In order to shut it down, the government would essentially have to shut down the entire Internet. Quite an unlikely happening. This is an interesting moment because it shows technology being used in ways that were never intended to inspire social change.

Win, Fail or Fiasco? Win for communication

Advertising Week 2014 Wrap-Up: Interested in going to space?

Topic submitted by Jill Siegel

Virool, a programmatic video advertising startup, is planning to send a marketer into space. Yes, you read that right. Space. With none other than Richard Branson. By asking creatives to send their video campaigns to its dedicated “Race To Space” website, the most viral submission will be rewarded with a ticket to become one of the very first passengers to take a commercial spaceflight on board Virgin Galactic. What does this mean, you ask?

Well, it’s a cool way to showcase stunt marketing and to crowdsource ideas for a campaign. Go big or go home, right?

Win, Fail or Fiasco? Win. Because, space.

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