Brands should embrace imperfection; Apple already has!

Each week, MRY’s Analytics & Media department meets to discuss five topics across various parts of digital marketing – platforms, vendors, philosophy, agency news and the very fluid “Wildcard” category. Now, we’re bringing it to you. Follow along as we recap five of the week’s top tech stories… with just a touch of color commentary.

The science of imperfection – and what it means for community

Topic submitted by Natalie Marsan

In the Wildcard category, Community Management Director Natalie Marsan made us aware of Brene Brown, a social scholar exploring the concept of imperfection. Brown posits that “true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world.”


Natalie explained that we can see direct parallels from this statement to community management – sometimes brands need to accept imperfections in social media. Whether it be an underperforming post or missed opportunity, but imperfection can help humanize a brand.

Win, Fail or Fiasco? Win.

Let us Piqora interest

Topic submitted by Sarah Shaker

Steeped in social, the Analytics and Media teams are always scouting out new tools – especially those that specialize in platforms outside the prime social networks. This week we heard about Piqora, a tool that provides management and insights for Pinterest and Instagram.

As brands explore opportunities across more niche networks (OK, so maybe 100M+ users isn’t ‘niche’ anymore), specialist vendors can be great partners toward making efforts more effective.

Win, Fail or Fiasco? Win.

OU2? Apple fans bite back on social media

Topic submitted by Adam Ilenich


MRY marketing maestro Adam Ilenich joined us this week and submitted a touchy topic from the past week – the Apple and U2 iTunes catastrophe. As reported in AdWeek, social analytics tool Bottlenose noted a steep drop in sentiment for the Irish rockers, to the tune of 41 percent.

This shows that – there’s no such thing as a free launch. Or, maybe give users a choice to download a freebie album instead of forcing them to.

Win, Fail or Fiasco? The fail is actually palpable here.

Oh Snap! Using private messaging apps driving referrals

Topic submitted by Janet Acosta

Analytics ace Janet Acosta took time this week to reiterate the virtues of some other fringe social apps – especially those with privacy in mind. More and more attention has been lavished upon Snapchat as a social messaging marketing solution, with influencers receiving brand ambassador propositions. Additionally, WhatsApp’s sharing buttons – which allow for private messaging – were hailed as a rousing success when rolled out earlier this year.

Win, Fail or Fiasco? Win.

Sa-Wheat! Gluten sensor could drive niche community

Topic submitted by Will Ryan

Our sage Search Supervisor Will Ryan dug up news on a forthcoming gluten sensor that could be a boost for the wheat-free community. As reported by TechCrunch (heh.), 6SensorLabs has drummed up some $4 million to develop the device. The firm hopes to pair the sensor with a mobile app, which TC wisely pointed out could integrate sharing functionality, adding a social layer.


Win, Fail or Fiasco? Definite win for the wheat-intolerant


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