Farm-raised handbags, and more in this week’s knowledge share…

Tinder-esque App for Brands & Agencies

Topic submitted by David Saliterman

More and more, brand & agency relationships are becoming shorter and flirtier. Sounds a lot like millennial relationships. And where do millennials go to find “love”? Tinder! But companies can’t just go around bombarding Tinder with branded profiles (for fear of millennial riots, most likely). So where can they go?

Pitcher is an app for clients looking to connect with agencies, and allows the user to specify criteria such as brand category, campaign type, and pitch fees. Clients then swipe through agency profiles, creating a shortlist as they go (which is equipped with contact info). It’s not available outside of Amsterdam just yet, but if/when it comes to the U.S., we may see a change in the way brands & agencies ‘date’.

Long live the Swipe Culture!

Win, Fail or Fiasco? Win!

Twitter & its Fancy New Button

Topic submitted by Alison Pantano

In the past week, Twitter began testing a new “Buy Now” button, following in the footsteps of Facebook once again. But unlike Facebook, Twitter has never stored user payment details in its own systems. Though Twitter has already updated its privacy policies in an attempt to pacify concerns over security, it will be interesting to see whether users actually trust the newly ‘e-commercized’ platform with their personal payment details.

Win, Fail or Fiasco? If users disregard the potential privacy risk, Win.

Farm-Raised Handbags?!

Topic submitted by Krista Bedosky

So apparently, farm-to-table handbags are now a thing. Well, at least in Brooklyn.

The husband and wife owners of Marlow Goods run restaurants such as Marlow & Sons, Diner, Roman’s, Achilles Heel, and Reynard. Marlow Goods takes the hides of animals served in their restaurants, and sells them as handbags. Now, they even have a handbag pop-up shop inside the Wythe Hotel, where their restaurant Reynard serves up animals that the bags are made out of.

It sounds gross, but it’s quite sustainable, because it saves many leather hides from going to waste. It also supports local economy by connecting restaurants and fashion together.

Sustainability = Eco-Friendly = Happy Earth = Happy Us

Win, Fail or Fiasco? Everything anti-waste is a Win.

Self-Destructing Posts on Facebook

Topic submitted by Krista Bedosky

Facebook is testing a new feature, yet again. This time, it allows users to schedule the deletion of posts in advance, with expiration times between one hour and seven days. After seeing platforms like Snapchat woo consumers, Facebook clearly recognizes the value of ephemerality. What’s impressive is how Facebook didn’t simply copy Snapchat. Instead, it used Snapchat’s basic idea and tailored it for Facebook users. Posts that self-destruct in seconds wouldn’t fit well on a platform focused on newsy content, as newsy content requires a longer attention span.

Basically, Facebook still understands its users and knows what they ‘like’, or so it seems…*Law & Order music*

Win, Fail or Fiasco? Win.

Facebook or FaceTube?

Topic submitted by Krista Bedosky

With an average of 1 billion videos viewed each day on Facebook, the social platform may start to compete with the king of videos, YouTube. Some of it was luck (i.e. Ice Bucket Challenge), but it is indicative of a change among preferred video platforms.

In efforts to compete with YouTube further, Facebook is introducing video view counts and will increase the availability of auto-play videos. If this momentum continues, people might stop going to YouTube for video content and just stay in Facebook.

Win, Fail or Fiasco? Win, or a Monopoly!


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