We had them at, “Hello.”

We’re bringing the house down, people!

MRY is an impressive first date as far as interviewing is concerned. First impressions mean everything in business, and our agency is delivering at an impressive rate. Kudos to our interviewers for representing their teams so succinctly and showing true passion and interest in our candidates.

When candidates come into our office, they are always so impressed with our space; they often comment on the excitement, energy, portfolio of clients and our business wins.

What is it about our brand that was so attractive to candidates throughout their interview process? Let’s hear from some recent hires:

“I loved that MRY had a great portfolio of clients, and I have been reading press that they’ve been winning a lot of great business ( I think we won Pizza Hut right before I was hired.) I had actually received an offer the same day from another company, but their business wasn’t growing.” – Janina Kozlowski, Associate Project Manager, Spotify.

“The one thing that really stood out was MRY’s culture. It’s like none other, so I knew that this would be a great place for me.”     – Lashauna Johnson, Accounts Payable

“MRY’s great website design and and great client list attracted me initially. My fondness to MRY kept increasing during the interview process. Within a month, I am already in charge of two projects and leverage my past experience to do team training. I feel valued on the team.” -Rui Fang, Analyst, Analytics

A common theme found in these comments is that it’s the people they found themselves surrounded by that made all the difference. A written job description is a start, but the face to face interaction during our interview process has proven to be stellar.


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