UGG Capitalizes on the Selfie Generation, and More in This Week’s Knowledge Share

Each week, MRY’s Analytics & Media department meets to discuss five topics across various parts of digital marketing – platforms, vendors, philosophy, agency news and the very fluid “Wildcard” category. Now, we’re bringing it to you. Follow along as we recap five of the week’s top tech stories… with just a touch of color commentary.

Community Management: Sweet PR Crisis Victory

Topic submitted by Jesse Mino
UK chain Gregg’s found itself the unsavory victim of a spoof logo, which appeared when customers googled the company earlier this week. But Gregg’s social team was quick to prove that PR crises don’t always have to be a reason to panic.


With the above tweet to the Google team, along with humorous replies to fans tweeting about the mishap, community management put the brand in control of their image and the social conversation, directly influences consumers’ perception of the brand in a positive light.
Win, Fail or Fiasco?
An absolute “win” for both Gregg’s and the community management discipline.

Twitter Wants You to Have of Your Real-Time Content

Topic submitted by Janet Acosta
Twitter announced a change in the newsfeed by slightly adjusting the language on their “What’s a Twitter timeline?”section to share that they will now select Tweets to display based on how popular it is and how people in your network are interacting with it.
This change further encourages brands to be the go-to source for real-time, relevant content on this platform, creates an opportunity for brands to use favorites to reach a larger audience and further creates differentiation between Facebook and Twitter.
Win, Fail or Fiasco?
This is a “win” for Twitter to continue to be a go-to network for breaking stories and interesting content that everyone is taking about and also serves as a “win” for brands looking to join trending topics.

UGG’s Tween-Targeting Mobile Campaign Nets 17 Million Views

Topic submitted by Meghan Parrish
You’re so over UGG’s, right? Well, they’re still cool to tweens, so you can’t shove them into the back of your closet just yet. UGG’s latest campaign targeted the millennial smartphone-obsessive, selfie-taking generation.
After running for 2 weeks, the brand saw positive results. Paid Media ads were viewed 17.6M times with the average person spent 3 seconds on each engagement. They reported 2.5M organic engagements, 2.3% CTR and 291,000 Conversions (people downloading branded frames, stickers or frames). Offline, “Selfie stations” have been placed in UGG stores as well as Nordstrom and Dillard’s. UGG also took advantage of their partnership with Nickelodeon teen star Amber Montana.
Win, Fail or Fiasco?
“Win” for UGG, who significantly grew their Instagram following. “Fail” for the fashion-obsessed who hoped these boots had seen their last winter.

Kuddle Introduces Social Media to Kids

Not comfortable with your little ones using Instagram? There’s a new social sharing site for images created with them in mind, fully equipped with “safety wheels” to introduce kids to social media without the risk of online bullying.
Kuddle, a new photo sharing mobile app, was created for children to post and share photos with friends in a protected environment. Parents are notified when images are posted on their kids’ profile and no comments, just “likes,” are allowed on photos.
Win, Fail or Fiasco?
“Win” for both kids and helicopter parents.

49ers and Levi’s® Stadium Release New App

Always get lost finding your seat at the big game? Hate waiting in long lines for a hot dog and beer? 49ers fans will no longer have to wander to find their row or their food with the new stadium mobile app launched earlier this month.
Enhance your game day experience with features including mobile tickets and parking passes, mobile ordering of food and beverages, navigation around the building and a “game center” for high-definition video replays.
Win, Fail or Fiasco?
Win for 49ers fans who want access to stadium resources at their fingertips.


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