Dog adoptions on Tinder, and more in this week’s knowledge share..

Each week, MRY’s Analytics & Media department meets to discuss five topics across various parts of digital marketing – platforms, vendors, philosophy, agency news and the very fluid “Wildcard” category. Now, we’re bringing it to you. Follow along as we recap five of the week’s top tech stories… with just a touch of color commentary.

Date a total dog on Tinder – submitted by Shana Sullo


The Barn at BBH partnered with Social Tees Animal Rescue for a social campaign on Tinder that promotes adoption for abandoned doggies. That’s woof-a-licious!

By swiping left or right on the infamous dating app Tinder, it’s easy to pair up with fellow human beings. Or in this case, a fluffy new pal. After pet profiles were uploaded to the dating app, there were 1,500 matches in the first 24 hours.

Dogs won’t ditch you in the morning. They will stick around for breakfast, and for life! The program has the option for fostering or adopting a dog, which appeals to Tinder users’ fear of commitment.

Win, Fail or Fiasco? Win! Helping needy dogs is a noble cause, and it makes total sense for the platform. A dog is the only stage 5 clinger you will be thankful for.

Influencer marketing program with 57 dudes – submitted by Lily Ng

The definitive men’s magazine GQ is full of style advice and tips, sexy women, entertainment and culture news, interviews and more (their words, not mine). Now they are pushing some sexy “elite” men to promote fancy briefcases.

Tapping influential male fashion bloggers, GQ incentivizes 57 “Elite” GQ readers to help amplify brand content via GQ and influencers own platforms.

Marketers pay $100K to gain access to the influencers, which could be for ad buys, or maybe these guys are really expensive models.

Win, Fail or Fiasco? Fail. There is a direct tie with the number of influencers that were chosen (the magazine started in 1957 and turned 57 years old this year), but that number seems a big large for an influencer program. And they are getting paid in swag. It could be better to cull it down to a few really important peeps who can enjoy a payday.

Retailers are smashing into finance and tech – submitted by Taryn Segal


Many retailers want to encourage app usage and mobile payments, including Starbucks. The beloved coffee chain is introducing new features into their mobile app, such as a pre-order functionality. Which means you could order coffee in your apartment and skip the lines at the local Starbucks. Hangover-prone people rejoice!

Fun fact: Smartphone transactions supplied 15% of Starbucks’ U.S. revenue in Q3. That’s a nice stack of change.

Win, Fail or Fiasco? Win. The lines are Starbucks are un-godly long. And mama needs her caffeine fix. More and more retailers will wind up introducing mobile payment and/or pre-order and pickup options. It’s only a matter of time.

Website performance reports that don’t suck – submitted by Mike Faley

Performance reports are a bunch of numbers that only magical unicorns called “Analysts” can read and understand. Until now!

Tools like “FullStory” are making it easier to understand reports so you can fix problem areas faster and easier, instead of getting bogged down in percentages and charts.

FullStory is like “DVR for your website”, and creates a playable user journey that shows clicks, scrolls, page views, and custom interactions.

Win, Fail or Fiasco? Win! New tools help us understand performance in different ways, which is always refreshing and eye-opening.

Share a Coke with someone, unless their name is super unique or something weird – submitted by Liane Comanto

Coca-Cola introduced #ShareaCoke, which takes the 250 most popular names among teens and millennials, and puts them on Coke cans. So if your name is Brian or Anna or Jack or some other basic b**** name, you are in luck! For those of us with special names, it’s a bit harder to find.

Coke consumption among young folks is down, and this is Coke’s attempt to bring back the kiddos.

Win, fail or fiasco? Win, because the campaign has sparked interest. Fiasco, because there is no “Krista” can.



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