Fire Phone, Twitter GIFs and more…

Each week, MRY’s Analytics & Media department meets to discuss five topics across various parts of digital marketing – platforms, vendors, philosophy, agency news and the very fluid “Wildcard” category. Now, we’re bringing it to you. Follow along as we recap five of the week’s top tech stories… with just a touch of color commentary.

.GIF me a break – Twitter moves on mini-media

Buckle up, guys, Twitter’s now upping its game when it comes to the Internet’s favorite moving mini-media, gifs.

No matter how you pronounce it, it should add some extra sauce to your Twitter stream – especially for events like *cough* the Olympics or the World Cup, which we may or may not know a thing or two about.

Win, Lose or Fiasco: WIN

Spotify Spotify Spotify acquires acquires acquires The Echo Nest Nest Nest

Heard of The Echo Nest before? OK, no? Spotify then? Yes, the internet-famous streaming music service made some moves this week to build up its data capabilities, acquiring The Echo Nest. Streaming radio-rival Pandora once used TEN to create playlists for users based on their preferences, so we’ve got a pretty good hunch Spotify will deploy this bad boy to beef up its understanding of what users want to hear next.

Win, Lose or Fiasco: WIN

Viral virtuosos OK Go release new video

Oh wait… they’re a band too?

Yes, viral masterminds OK Go recently announced they’d be releasing a new album, called “Hungry Ghosts”, in October 2014. However, if there’s one thing the LA-based group’s known for other than music, it would be its creative, mind-bending and highly shareable accompanying videos. Here’s the latest, “The Writing’s on the Wall”, released this week:

The video garnered around 5 million views in its first three days. The A&M take? “This is a great example of how investing in content and creating awesome things will get you noticed and get people talking, even if they’re not necessarily fans.”

True that.

Win, Lose or Fiasco: WIN

Will the Fire Phone burn bright or reduce Amazon to cinders?

Well, neither, likely. But, for some reason, Amazon decided it was high time to enter the smart phone market. Maybe it’s looking to make that Apple money. But while Amazon had a natural position to be a player in tablets, it may be a johnny-come-lately for fancy phones. Critics have decried the phone already for being bulky, samey and – worst yet – expensive. Still the phone has product/object recognition technology, called Firefly, plus something called Dynamic Perspective, which, as we understand it, is like 3D, but not 3D. …Or something.

Win, Lose or Fiasco: Fiasco

Facebook ads set for gritty reboot

Facebook’s announced a planned refinement to its ad products, this time through user interest targeting, something the social stalwart assures many companies already do. Essentially, this means expanded tracking of web and mobile app behavior, with the data being fed into targeting for Facebook ads.

As if to calm those who think such tracking sounds like some dystopian Zuck-tatorship, Facebook paired the announcement with a new “ad preferences” tab on ads, which lets you hide ads, sure, but also provide qualitative feedback, meaning your hatred only makes Facebook stronger.


At the same time, opting out of the user tracking has been described as a bit of a chore, but available through the Digital Advertising Alliance opt out.

Win, Lose or Fiasco: A bit of a fiasco, but what isn’t with Facebook?



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