Month: March 2014

When Two Ferns Can’t Save Obamacare’s Marketing

We’ve reached today’s (sort of ) deadline for Americans without employer-provided health care to sign up for the Affordable Care Act, and to the relief of Democrats everywhere the White House has reached its goal of 6 million sign-ups. It remains to be seen just how many millennials have opted-in for government health care, but there’s been no shortage of attempts by the White House to make “Get Covered” go viral among this demographic. We’ve seen it all – celebrity endorsements to GIFs to Funny or Die appearances – but have we actually seen effective millennial marketing?

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Wearable tech: goofy? Sometimes. The future? Probably.

Google just announced Android Wear – a bid to do to wearable tech what Android did to smartphones. Android Wear will essentially act as a Google Now feed to your wearable tech devices. Google Now, for the uninitiated and not nerdy, is a feature threaded throughout the Android smartphone OS that culls your browsing, travel, search, email, maps, and overall internet activity to intelligently inform you of things you might be interested in.

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Should Community Managers Write Content?

There are varying opinions about what a Community Manager actually does, because there is no “one-size fits-all” description for this job. No matter what, Community Managers have to be highly skilled at communication, because they are the direct link to the members of their communities. But in addition to fostering online social media platforms, should Community Managers also create the content that sparks discussions?

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