Klout is trying very hard… and may succeed.

Many of you have heard of Klout, right? You know,  the social scoring network. Well, many avid users have signed up to measure their influence,keep track of where they stand within their circles and measure how influential they truly are. However, for most it has ended at that, until now.

Klout wants to be more than just a scoring platform, where people check if their number has changed, like a day trader waiting for a share to go up or down, ready to give up and sell if things don’t go in his favor. Unlike stocks,  with Klout, you have a say in whether your Klout score goes up or down. Since its launch, users were offered little insight into how they could influence their Klout score. That is about to change.

With Klout’s new “Create” tab, you have access to a content creation feature which allows you to find articles that are likely to resonate with your audience/friends/followers/topics of influence. Klout is starting with article recommendations but is planning an expansion into other types of shareable content such as quotes, photos, questions and conversation starters.


The articles in your feed, which are dictated by the topics you choose to monitor, are categorized by trend and interest to your unique set of friends:


  • “On the Rise”—content that is about to go viral
  • “Crowd Pleaser”—content that is likely to get the person’s audience to engage in conversation.
  • “Hidden Gem”—an article that the user’s followers have probably not seen yet.
  • “Hot off the Press” content that is the timeliest.


These articles can be shared directly to your social pages from Klout. Insights on trending topics can be very useful to users who are trying to bring more affluence to their own social pages by sharing content or writing opinion pieces around certain relevant topics. Users can also rate the content they are served by providing a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ ranking to each story.

The new ‘Schedule’ function allows you to pre-plan material, helping you manage your personal channels’ content ahead of time.  Not to mention, a revamped metrics dashboard will allow you to track your influence.

What’s in it for the user besides becoming more influential? You can receive perks from different companies as you gain more influence. Who doesn’t like freebies? This isn’t a new feature, however, while sharing content, your goal is to have a prominent voice on a topic. With every point you gain, your chances of winning more perks become higher and more valuable.

What’s in it for brands? Brands could keep tabs on conversations of interest through the new feed, and decide when to jump in.  The ability to both curate shareable/trending content and find influencers based on interests/topics, makes it possible for brands to identify content and topic experts who could be solicited to create sponsored content.

As new tools will be launched by Klout to help users with original content creation, Klout’s expansion into other types of materials could even include blog posts from influential bloggers across the web. The platform’s feeds could eventually become a source of valuable content from well-known experts/users. This will help establish a stronger relationship between brands and their audiences, making the latter an integral part of the brands’ presence online.

If Klout plays its cards right, it has the potential to become the go-to platform for generating authentic earned media for brands, and boosting influence, for users.



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