Top 10 Overused Community Management Buzzwords

Buzzwords. There isn’t an industry without them and in Community Management, they’re especially rampant. The internet and all its glory is a perfect breeding ground for slang to catch fire, and as quickly as these words gain popularity, they lose it. So check your wearables, people: it’s time to say goodbye to these ten Community Management Buzzwords.


1)     Best Practices


Oof. Here’s a good place to start. You hear the term best practices everywhere. Every agency aims to abide by them, and with good reason. They’re methods that standardize above average results. But is there a best practice for getting people to stop saying best practices? Better leave that solve to the scientists.

2)     Clickability


Industry folks are concerned about the “clickability” of social content. Who doesn’t want to be clicked? But instead of putting all our eggs in the click basket, let’s bid adieu to “clickability” and speak in specifics to our particular campaign goals, shall we?

3)     Brand Advocates/Evangelists


I am a big offender of using the “brand advocate/evangelist” label when discussing members of our communities who are really supportive of the brand, and other community members. But I can’t help it. They’re awesome! And as a Community Manager, these people make our work better. So my resolution for this one is to start using a more endearing term. Like BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!

4)     Real Time Engagement


Real Time Engagement is all the rage. Slap a response together faster than the other guy and you may just come out on top. Except, we all know it’s not the hare who wins this race. And spoiler alert, it’s not the tortoise either. It’s about creating valuable conversations – ones that are going to uplift the community and the brand along with it. All while remaining as efficient as possible…GO!

5)     Troll


There are no jewels in their bellies, people. These trolls are the worst. If you’re unfamiliar, trolls have an ability to overtake your communities with spam, rage and absurd commentary that may or may not have anything to do with your brand. I think in order to defend against the troll we need to Metta World Peace these beasts and give them a new name. I’ll start first: Warlocks. Now it’s your turn.

6)     Thought Leaders


Somewhere along the way, people decided to dub themselves, “Thought leaders.” And those people were shunned. When the zombie apocalypse occurred, they could not defend themselves with their thoughts alone, and they perished.

7)     P.O.V.


People love to get P.O.Vs on any and all topics. What’s your P.O.V on ancient aliens? Could you put together a quick P.O.V. on the mating habits of warblers? Let’s just call a P.O.V what it is, an opinion, and ask people to neatly wrap up their thoughts into a word doc, or a keynote or whatever you kids are presenting with these days.

8)     Ideation


Are you thinking of something right now? I thought so. I could tell you were ideating.

9)     Social Media Ninja


This adorable cat is in fact, a ninja. You are not. There are definitely days where you accomplish something awesome and you feel like a badass. And maybe you complete your tasks with a sweep kick or vertical punch (I just googled “Ninja moves”) but you are in no way a ninja.*

*Unless you trained with Mr. Miyagi. Then wax on, my friend. And also see if Miyagi has one of those sweet cars lying around we can have.

10)  Optimization


It goes without saying that you should constantly work to improve the health of your community, the performance of your posts, and the success of your brand. Do all those things, and boom. You’ve just optimized yo’self, and thus, eliminated the need to ever use that word again.

Written by: Katherine Penta, Community Manager, MRY


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