Community Management Myths

Even though it is 2014, there are still misconceptions about social media jobs, especially Community Management. We’ve done the dirty work for you, and cleared up some of these myths. Keep reading for ultimate enlightenment.

1.     CM’s are paid to be on FB


Community Managers are on Facebook all day, yes. Do we surf our personal pages all day? Nope. We are involved in every single conversation around our brand, good and bad, on Facebook, Twitter, whatever. We are not paid to play on Facebook, as cool as that would be.

2.     We are super active on all personal social channels


Community Managers are constantly on social media, but our personal pages suffer. We are focused on brand success, and not our own presence. Updating our Twitter page can be irrelevant when we are managing a large following for a client.

3.     Being a Community Manager is easy


Our jobs require certain skills, which are not limited to communication. Community Managers also have to be creative and strategic when we consider how to amplify brand sentiment across social media pages.

4.     CM’s only hit refresh all day and update pages


A day in the life of a Community Manager may vary. However, it is more than hitting refresh on social pages. We help community members become advocates for brands, and we help our audience flourish. Community Managers are not just the spam clean-up crew.

5.     Only interns should do it


Most agencies require a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree and 2-3 years of experience. The help of an intern is much needed for page moderation, community engagement and inquiry management, however, they shouldn’t have full responsibilities without supervision and guidance. A brand’s reputation is too much to risk to on someone with little or no experience.

6.     CMs are influencers on their social handles


Just because we’re experts in social media, doesn’t mean that we have a crazy following on our social channels. When it comes to social networking, we’re mostly your average Joes. In fact, some of us may take our own social platforms less seriously since we’re always stressing doing great work for our clients instead.

7.     CMs are not creative content writers or strategists


All those brand posts you see flooding your newsfeed were most likely planned and written by a Community Manager. Editorial content, response content, image selection, post times, etc. – that’s all us. Yeah, some bigger brands have the privilege of having a department allocated to each piece of the puzzle, but majority of times it’s a CM. Creativity and strategic thinking are two vital requirements of a skillful CM.

8.     CMs have total control over brand pages 


We wish! Life for a CM would be a lot easier if that was the case. Client oversight and approval is required for almost every move we make, from social crises to consumer responses. It makes sense since no one understands the client’s needs better than the client themselves, however, this can put a lot of restrictions and limitations on a CM’s creative work. Sometimes we have to go against our best judgment to meet the client’s needs.

9.     CMs only communicate through gifs and memes.



Thanks for reading. We hope this cleared up your misconceptions about Community Management.

Written by: Krista Bedoski, Community Manager, and Setareh Sanjabi, Media Manager at MRY


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